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About Us

YourMarket tackles one of the most important cryptocurrency problems: only very few merchants accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins as payment.

We built a platform to allow merchants to sell digital products such as video courses, ebook and audiobooks for crypto and fiat payment. Our reseller model takes all the legal and technical hassles away from merchants and buyers. Our smart affiliate system creates a new risk-free way for people to earn crypto coins without mining or trading.

Jakob Hager


Sergej Heck


Philipp Zahrer


Marc Schippke


Levon Arkelatyan

Crypto Developer

Hamazasp Avetisyan

Crypto Developer


Crypto and Fiat Payments

On YourMarket, you can pay with crypto and fiat currencies, fast and secure.

Reseller Model

As a merchant, you can get started to sell your first product in less then 15 minutes.

Earn money

Our innovative affiliate system enables you to earn passive lifetime income and gives you new ways to earn crypto coins.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring cryptocurrency into the ecommerce ecosystem and make it easy and accessible for global merchants and consumers.



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