Learn new skills and profit from the digital economy
YourMarket is a web platform where content creators receive support in creating, hosting and selling their products, while consumers get tailored practice content and attractive lifetime commissions in order to learn, grow and earn money.
Solution for consumers
We developed a platform with consumers needs in mind. YourMarket is based on two principles. Consumers receive practical video courses, coachings, audio­ and ebooks tailored to their needs and they can participate financially in the digital economy through our very attractive lifetime multi­level partner program. This allows consumers to obtain the skills they need to become better and earn money on the way.
Solution for content creators
YourMarket is also ideal for content creators, because we teach experts how to create their content in order to be able to sell it, we host it for them and support them in selling by both providing a turnkey software solution including sales pages, upsells and affiliate marketing, as well as actively selling their courses through our marketing partner program.
Best Partner Program in the World
Our many years of industry experience enabled us to understand and solve the problems affiliate marketers face. We developed the “best partner program in the world” resting on four tiers, that gives affiliate marketers all they can possibly want.
Affiliate Program
Commissions both from
YourMarket and merchants
Multi-level commissions from
direct & second level
Subscriptions with monthly
commission payment
Lifetime commissions for
each referred customer
CEO | Jakob Hager
Jakob has a software development background and knowledge about cryptocurrencies as well as online marketing experience. He is also a successful author of a book about online customer generation that sold 20.000 times. His practical knowledge in IT as well as a good understanding of the digital marketing industry allow him to coordinate and lead the creation of marketplace for goods and services sold digitally and paid for in cryptocurrencies.
CMO | Sergej Heck
Sergej is a successful book author, global marketing expert and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He founded blockchain­, a platform in which his team educates people about the possibilities of cryptocurrencies. Internally Sergej is known for his focus on execution and is famous for his enormous success in establishing a global sales team in only a matter of months. His wide understanding of the subject, sales processes and people skills are key to making this project successful.
CFO | Philipp Zahrer
Philipp is a former trader, who built automated FOREX trading systems and is an expert in financial markets.He is founder and owner of a tied agent company based in Cyprus to one of the largest Forex brokers worldwide with licences and authorisations in Cyprus, United Kingdom and Australia.His skills and connections allow YourMarket to set up the right legal structure to provide stable service and navigate the regulatory jungle effectively.
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We have been developing YourMarket since January 2018.
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